Club Rules

TRADE members and their guests agree to adhere to the Rules of the Club during their visits. Failure to abide by the rules may result in suspension or termination of membership. Click here to view the Rules of the Club.

1. All members must flash their membership card upon arrival at TRADE.

2. Members are encouraged to telephone the club before arrival to confirm it is not full to capacity.

3. If the club is full to capacity, TRADE reserves the right to refuse entry. Members’ will be invited to join the waiting list and will be messaged when space becomes available.

4. Whilst networking at TRADE is actively encouraged, please remember that members come to relax and any behaviour that could be viewed as ‘hard-selling’ is just not cricket and may result in membership suspension.

5. Please use discretion when using mobile phones to keep the atmosphere pleasant for everyone.

6. No photos of other members or their guests without their permission. Selfie requests will almost certainly result in a ticking off.

7. Poaching TRADE staff is not cool.

8. Any behaviour that is deemed uncouth or uncivilised will not be tolerated and will result in ejection from the club and possible membership termination. You have been warned.

9. Letting one’s hair down at TRADE is expected, but management has the right to refuse entry or eject members or their guests, if their behaviour or composure affects others’ enjoyment of the club.

10. TRADE takes no responsibility for injuries sustained at the club. Dancing on the tables is at your own risk.

11. Members are most welcome to open tabs during their visit, but these must be settled in full before leaving the club.

12. TRADE has a zero tolerance policy on the use of illegal drugs. Contravention of this rule by members (or their guests) will result in immediate membership suspension and a possible visit from The Fuzz.

13. TRADE shares a building with a number of residential flats, so please be a decent human being and be mindful to keep noise to a minimum when entering or leaving the club, or if smoking outside.


1. Members are responsible for their guests’ behaviour at all times and are obliged to make them aware of these rules, which they are also bound by during their visit.

2. Members can be accompanied by up to three guests at any time during club opening hours, without a reservation.

3. Members may bring up to seven guests between 11am and 5pm providing approval has been given in advance by TRADE management.

4. All guests must be over the age of 18.