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Help 4 Hospitality – to aid our industry

Help 4 Hospitality has been born out of desire to provide essential support and care for both individuals and businesses suffering at the heart of this crisis; today it has set a target to raise a critical £250,000 by August 1st to provide financial support to the much-valued hospitality sector. Visit their online wine shop to see how you can help..

The online wine shop delivers wines direct to the consumer and for each order donates 12.5% of the purchase to a consumer-nominated hospitality outlet, or to two charities issuing grants to those in need, The Drinks Trust and Hospitality Action. Any hospitality outlet can apply to the scheme by contacting h4h@berkmann.co.uk and receive a unique voucher code.

Alex Hunt MW, Purchasing Director at Berkmann Wine Cellars and part of the team spearheading Help 4 Hospitality says, “The UK is renowned for its restaurants, bars and pubs, and we want to deliver this much-needed help to bolster their chances of surviving the Covid-19 lockdown so they can once again offer their essential service to society when the lockdown is over. Anybody buying from Help 4 Hospitality can enjoy delicious wines knowing that aid is being channelled to businesses and individuals who desperately need it.”

The Help 4 Hospitality initiative, which launched earlier this month, now has over 600 hospitality outlets signed on to participate in the program. A recent report states around 46% of workers in the UK hospitality and retail sectors are expected to be furloughed, leaving thousands facing job insecurity, and this number is only set to increase as the lockdown continues.

Kelvin McCabe, Wine Buyer & Beverage Director at Adam Handling Restaurant Group, a long-standing partner of Berkmann Wine Cellars and participant in the Help 4 Hospitality program explains, “Hospitality has been hit so hard by this pandemic, as a sector we are gravely concerned, and particularly concerned for our teams. The Adam Handling Restaurant Group operates as a family, when you come to our restaurants and bars you become part of that family.  Looking after our guests is our passion. We, along with the rest of the industry, can’t host you right now, but with Berkmann Wine Cellars’ great initiative you can drink at home as well as you would when visiting us.  Your support for everyone in hospitality is invaluable, you’re helping to ensure we stay afloat so that we can welcome you back, hopefully, in the near future.

Consumers can help by purchasing their wine through the online shop. Help 4 Hospitality offers an eclectic and exciting range of wines to cover a multitude of occasions, with the wines spanning seventeen countries of origin and a broad mix of styles. The online shop has also introduced pre-selected mixed wine cases and has introduced a selection of premium spirits too, allowing consumers to sample its exquisite portfolio to enjoy at home with contactless delivery throughout the UK.

The campaign is set to continue until the hospitality sector has recovered and no longer needs support following the lift of lockdown restrictions.

The Help 4 Hospitality fundraising effort can be followed online at  the shop www.help4hospitality.com